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60 seconds with Chef André Schellenberg

As a culinary leader, why is food waste so important to you?

"Sustainability is very important for us as chefs. If we think smarter about reusing all of the food we make, then it's less waste which means we have less to produce. 

I think as chefs and culinary leaders, we have a real responsibility. We serve a lot of food, every single day. So even small changes add up to making a huge difference.

We need to think about the produce that we are sourcing, and look deeper, being really sensitive to how we are using it. Do we need to buy it, or can we cut down on the amount we are buying and reuse more? 

These days, that mindset is becoming engrained in chefs and culinarians, but there's still more to do to drive it forward, and encourage future generations to do the same."