Why stop food waste?

Food waste is a global issue with a wide variety of environmental, social and economic impacts. We need to unite in driving education as well as make tangible changes to the culture around food.


The scale of the food waste problem is staggering:

33% of all food produced...

is wasted every year. That translates to $1.2 trillion worth of food annually. 


If food waste were a country...

it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emission producing country in the world.


Almost 50%...

of all fruits and vegetable produced is wasted every year globally which is equivalent to about 3.7 trillion apples.


If 25% of the food...

currently lost or wasted were saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people.


Let’s unite to raise awareness of this global crisis and make small but significant changes in how we care for our food. 

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