Stop Food Waste Day is the largest single day of action in the fight against food waste.

Started in 2017 by Compass Group USA, Stop Food Waste Day is now recognised globally in every corner of the world as we unite to educate and ignite change.

Join us on Wednesday, 26 April 2023 to play your part.

Did you know, one third* of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally? Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger and poverty, climate change, health and wellbeing and the sustainability of agriculture and oceans. Wasting food is also a waste of the energy to grow, harvest, process and cook, and food waste in landfill can cause methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. *Source: World Food Programme

Our mission at Stop Food Waste Day is to ignite change regarding the global food waste issue. We do this by drawing attention to the problem, at the same time educating through engaging with society at all levels and sharing practical, creative, and impactful ways we can all change our behaviour to minimise food waste.

It's easy for everyone to get involved with reducing the impact of food waste, not just on Stop Food Waste Day, but day in, day out - both in our personal and professional lives. 

Prevent, Inspire and Repurpose

  1. Prevent food waste at source by storing food optimally, making use of every edible part of the ingredient and planning meals ahead of time
  2. Inspire others to waste less, and repurpose more
  3. Repurpose food by redistributing any surplus to your local community, or giving a second life to ingredients that most commonly go to waste



"Food waste is a massive issue facing us all. As a global leader in food service operating in 40+ countries, we are uniquely positioned to raise awareness and make a positive impact to reduce food waste."

- Dominic Blakemore, CEO, Compass Group PLC


"While Stop Food Waste Day started as an initiative to reduce food waste in our own kitchens, it has quickly grown to be a movement that brings together consumers, businesses, non-profit organisations, and government entities, all focused on fighting food waste on a global scale."

- Amy Keister, Global Sustainability Director, Compass Group PLC


"Very simply, it is the right thing to do."

- Rick Post, COO, Compass Group North America