A conversation with Arthur Chow - Corporate Dining & Hospitality Manager - Hong Kong


What motivated your personal interest in sustainability and food waste reduction?

Food is important human beings and good food are essential to a Food & Beverage professional. With resources becoming more limited, I hope that the next generation will have a chance to enjoy the food that I have in my life. Sustainability makes it possible. 

Regarding the food-waste reduction: when I was in school, I have heard news stories around the number of children losing their lives per minute due to the lack of food and nutritional input. Whenever I don’t finish my meal, I remember this and I do my best to reduce the waste. 

Can you share a story about a food waste hero who inspired you?

I have one ex-colleague who is passionate about food waste. When I would have lunch with her, she would remind me to try to finish all my food. If not, she would tell me various stories about food waste. She never let herself have any remaining food on her plate. It was great to have her around you as a reminder about food waste.

What change have you made, personally, to be more mindful of food waste?

I have started to order less food when I go out for dinner with friends. Also, I will try to let my friends know that I have concerns around the leftover food so that they may also be influenced. When I have dinner at home, I am the one who is willing to finish the last piece of food on the table. 

What will it take for [Hong Kong] to make food waste a priority?

Education is essential. However, the educational system is not where it should be at this moment in Hong Kong and the students may not be able to learn what they have to learn to be responsible person to the earth and society. With that, the effort from the food donation organization is important and the cooperation with the corporate world will help to make this a priority in Hong Kong. Once all the large companies start to focus on food waste and donation, the medium-size companies will start and finally the small ones will follow. It will help Hong Kong to make food waste a priority. In HSBC we organize several activities at the nursery to help convey sustainability related message to the children. Hopefully they will bring these messages home to their parents. 

What is one small change every person can make in their daily lives to make a big difference?

 Order just enough food or ask for lesser portions if unable to finish.