A Great Conversation with Sabrina Scheer- Head of Communications Compass Group Germany


What is your opinion regarding the great deal of attention currently being paid to food waste?

I think it’s great that people are putting a major emphasis on the subject today. There is a certain disregard in throwing away a large portion of one’s own food while people in other places struggle to survive. It also has to do with appreciation. There are more and more initiatives that are actively committed against food waste. I think the app “Too Good To Go”, where surplus food is offered at very affordable prices, is fantastic! The same goes for foodsharing platforms. Food is even distributed for free there.

What are your best tips for reducing the amount of food that goes to waste in the kitchen as simply as possible?

I always put away the newly bought food to the rear of the fridge, the older food towards the front. With fruit that gets mushy, like strawberries, I often make a smoothie or jam out of them.

What is a small change that everyone can put into practice in everyday life in order to make a big difference?

I make a conscious effort when shopping for food. At the supermarket, the art of advertising psychology makes sure that people frequently pack more into the shopping cart than they want – especially when they’re hungry. I prefer regional and seasonal foods because they can’t get damaged by what are often long transport routes from abroad and consequently end up being sorted out.

What are your methods for recycling leftovers and scraps?

I often get my inspiration via ingredient-based recipe searches on the internet. For instance, I recently made an omelette out of potatoes boiled in their skins, courgette and eggs. That way I was able to use up the potatoes and eggs and had a delicious meal for dinner. But my all time favourite is soup made with leftover vegetables!