A conversation with GENCER ÜZÜMLÜ - Compass Group Turkey Culinary Director


What’s your take on all the attention food waste is getting lately? 

Being conscious about food wastage and taking necessary actions not to waste food as an individual, corporate and community is our responsibility to our planet, people and nations which do not have the number of resources available to us.

What are your best tips to make it easy to reduce food waste in the professional and home kitchen?

Proper planning in all aspects of production and operation is the key to minimize or stop food wastage. Success in planning the menu, staff and purchasing will definitely minimize or end the food waste. I would say proper planning will help a lot in the home kitchen as well.

What is one small change every person can make in their daily lives to make a big difference?

Considerate and responsible purchasing and well-planned menus will lead to proper cooking and consumption. Think twice before planning, buying and cooking.

What is your favorite way to repurpose leftovers?

I like to use leftover vegetables and herbs as flavouring agents for my roasts. I also cook a lot of purees and soups with whatever is left in the fridge.