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A Conversation with Friedrich-Georg Lischke, Managing Director of Compass Group Deutschland

What is your favorite way to reduce food waste?

I love cooking for my family on weekends to relax. Unfortunately, I tend to cook way too much most of the time. That's why I try to prepare every purchase consistently and plan the food. If it should happen that I cook too much, then we also like to freeze the food. Personally, I think this is a really good way to prepare a favourite dish quickly and easily by simply taking it out of the freezer and warming it up.

I also like to get creative by experimenting with food leftovers and improvising to create new recipes. This enables us to cook at home lossless and enjoy some really tasty surprise dishes.

What inspires you to want to reduce food waste?

According to the German Federal Centre for Nutrition, around eleven tonnes of food end up in Germany's garbage every year. This is not only an ethical, but also an ecological and economic problem, which affects us all globally. In my immediate environment with family and friends we have often talked about it and about the effects of our own consumption. That is why I have often thought about my own consumption and waste. Since I am also a father, it is important for me to address this problem and work on different solutions. This is the only way we can help the next generation.

As Managing Director of the German Compass Group, my colleagues have now made me even more aware of this issue. The exchange and discussion with my environment and in my position inspires me every day to generate less waste. And in my responsibility as Managing Director, I also see myself as a role model, setting a good example and consciously and consistently reducing my own food waste. Because a change in the handling of food and food waste can only succeed if society as a whole becomes more aware of the value of food.

For this reason, events such as last month's Stop Food Waste Day are a great opportunity for me to get together on such an important topic, explain it and exchange ideas with employees and colleagues.


How do you weave reducing food waste into your cooking?

As mentioned above, I try to plan the meals and cook them accordingly, and I also improvise the recipes so that as many ingredients as possible are used. I also enjoy cooking improvised menus out of the leftovers and then bringing the whole family together for a nice dinner.

In this way, we celebrate the food and the used items. Respect for food and the importance of communal eating are such relevant topics that have been made even clearer to me at the Compass Group and have gained great significance, also in my private environment.