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3 Questions with Food For All CEO and Co-Founder David Rodríguez Sánchez


What inspires you to want to reduce food waste?

When I was a student, I learned first hand how difficult it was to access affordable and healthy food. With so much food being wasted on a daily basis and so many people lacking access to these foods, it creates a really severe problem. But what inspires me is that the solution is not that complex. We need to make changes to our food system, and Food for All is one really effective method.

What is your favorite way to reduce food waste?

Well, my favorite way to reduce food waste is by using Food for All… I try to use it as often as I can when I’m in areas near our restaurant partners.

How do you weave reducing food waste into your cooking?

My housemates and I are very big into meal prepping. We make everything for the week on Sundays and we’ve gotten in pretty nailed down so we know how much to make. I find that I waste more food when I cook more often, so I try to limit it to just Sundays